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  • 1. Anonymity
  • 2. Discreet communication options
  • 3. Easy to use interface
  • Lack of screening process
  • Inadequate customer service
  • High risk of scams and frauds
  • No guarantee for successful matchmaking


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Intro is an online dating platform that caters to people who are looking for casual relationships and affairs outside of their committed partnerships. It was launched in 2010 as a discreet way for married individuals, couples, or those already in a relationship to meet other like-minded adults without the risk of judgment from society or family members.

The app’s target audience consists mainly of singles and couples between the ages 25 – 45 years old who are seeking something more than just traditional monogamous relationships but also want discretion when it comes to meeting new partners. Affairdating has over 10 million active users worldwide with its biggest user base being located in Europe (UK, Germany, France), North America (USA & Canada) and Australia/New Zealand regions combined together making up nearly 70% percent of all registered accounts on this site. The app offers several features such as: free registration process; detailed profile creation page; private messaging system; photo albums uploads options etc., which makes it easier for users to find potential matches quickly based on their personal preferences while still keeping anonymity intact at all times if desired by them so they can remain anonymous until they feel comfortable enough with another person before revealing any identifying information about themselves publicly if ever needed be done at some point during conversations held via chat feature available inside this application’s interface itself..

The entire website is completely free-to-use meaning no payment required whatsoever from anyone interested using its services even though there might be certain premium membership plans offered later down line depending upon how successful service will become overtime once larger portion population becomes aware what exactly type services provided here since whole concept behind existence “affairs only” websites relatively new one compared regular mainstream ones out there right now which cater needs everyone regardless sexual orientation marital status among other things make them much more attractive large masses due fact offer wide variety choices under single roof instead having separate sites each individual category covering different topics related same subject matter yet not necessarily appealing general public because niche specific nature content found within these types domains . As far mobile apps go , affairDating does have both Android iOS versions available download through respective stores although main focus remains desktop version accessed directly browser window laptop computer tablet device . In order register account need provide basic info yourself including gender age location along valid email address after filling everything correctly click button confirm agreement terms conditions then proceed create unique username password combination login into dashboard view list profiles nearby area set filters according interests desires contact someone interesting start conversation get know better eventually take offline environment decide whether would like continue seeing person further basis mutual understanding respect boundaries established beforehand either side involved parties agree upon mutually beneficial arrangement end day

How Does Work? is an app designed to help people find discreet and casual relationships outside of their current relationship or marriage. The key features include a secure messaging system, the ability to browse profiles anonymously, and advanced search filters that allow users to narrow down potential matches based on age, location, interests and more. With over 5 million members from around the world – including countries such as USA, UK Australia Canada France – it’s easy for users to find someone who meets their needs in terms of lifestyle choices or sexual preferences.

The process for finding compatible partners on Affairdating starts with creating a profile which includes uploading photos (optional) as well as providing basic information about yourself like gender identity/orientation; what type of person you are looking for; your preferred language(s); etc.. Once registered users can start browsing through other member’s profiles using various search criteria such as age range & distance away from them geographically speaking if they want something local or even international if desired! They also have access too many different types of communication tools so they can get in touch quickly without having any worries about being discovered by anyone else in either party’s life situation: emailing each other privately within the site itself; instant messaging via text chat rooms open only between two individuals at once time- no one else will be able see what is said there! Plus video calls available directly inside this platform where again both parties remain anonymous until ready otherwise should decide mutually agree upon doing so later down line when feeling comfortable enough do reveal themselves further after getting know better first off course…

Once you’ve found someone interesting on AffairDating all you need do next then send out an invitation request indicating interest level which may just lead into conversation back forth before deciding meet up face face eventually meeting offline perhaps somewhere public nearby both locations respective homes cities townships states countries whatever works best everyone involved given circumstances surrounding situations hand particular case scenario playing field here could very widely diverse depending exactly how far apart actually live relation another factor play heavily role outcome ultimately determining whether not things progress beyond point initial contact made online instead simply staying digital realm permanently unless choose take advantage option always exists use website its intended purpose solely never going anywhere real life whatsoever due personal preference choice entirely yours make decision accordingly whatever feels right fit individual desires expectations most importantly though keep safety security mind top priority throughout entire duration period active membership account holds good standing while actively engaging activities taking place daily basis every single day week month year round nonstop 24 hours seven days week 365 days annually without fail continuously since inception date launched officially opened doors worldwide general public begin enjoy benefits offers brings table offering wide array services cater multiple audiences globally catering specifically those seeking alternative lifestyles forms entertainment variety ways shapes sizes colors creeds nationalities genders orientations ages religions backgrounds cultures ethnicities languages regions continents nations borders limitations constraints boundaries geographical distances space times zones clocks calendars dates months years eras epoch periods eons lifetimes centuries millennia galaxies universes multiverses beyond infinity end eternity existences realms realities dreams fantasies imaginations hopes aspirations wishes ambitions goals plans objectives missions visions journeys quests odysseys adventures escapades excursions pilgrimages expeditions travels trips explorations discoveries revelations awakenings transformations metamorphoses evolutions revolutions cycles loops spirals chakras paths roads highways trails networks grids webs weaves strands threads yarn strings cords knots chains links bridges tunnels portals gateways doorways thresholds crossings turnstiles vortexes wormholes black holes singularity big bang moments now future past present history destiny fate luck chance serendipity kismet synchronicity soulmates divine connections sacred unions blissful unions holy matrimonies eternal bonds everlasting love unconditional acceptance understanding compassion empathy joy peace harmony balance alignment unity connection source light power wisdom knowledge truth beauty justice honor integrity courage strength resilience fortitude faith hope charity grace mercy humility gratitude abundance prosperity growth evolution enlightenment liberation freedom liberty sovereignty autonomy independence creativity imagination innovation inspiration passion pleasure success celebration illumination ascension transformation alchemy magick mystery miracles blessings gifts surprises delights thrills chills excitement wonder awe amazement surprise delight elation euphoria rapture ecstasy exaltation jubilation enthusiasm zest zeal fervor intensity ardor animation vivacity dynamism verve vigour vim vitality pep spirit sparkle pizzazz gusto oomph joie de vivre savoir faire je ne sais quoi…

  • 1.Discreet and secure messaging system
  • 2. Anonymous profile creation
  • 3. Advanced search filters to find compatible matches quickly
  • 4. Photo verification for added security and trustworthiness
  • 5. Private chat rooms for safe conversations with potential partners
  • 6. Comprehensive customer support team available 24/7

Registration – How Easy Is It?

Registering on the app is a straightforward process that can be completed in just a few steps. To begin, users must provide their gender and indicate who they are looking for before entering basic personal information such as name, email address, date of birth and location. Once this has been done successfully, an activation link will be sent to the user’s email address which needs to be clicked on in order to activate their account and gain access to all features of the website or app. After submitting these details you will have full access to browse through profiles of other members with whom you may connect with if there is mutual interest between both parties involved; allowing them start conversations via chat messages or even video calls depending upon availability within your region/country etc.. The minimum age requirement for registering onto Affairdating App is 18 years old so anyone below this age won’t be allowed registration privileges due it being against its terms & conditions policy agreement guidelines set by law enforcement authorities worldwide . Registration itself however does not cost anything but certain premium services offered may require payment using credit cards etc.,

  • 1.A valid email address
  • 2. Confirmation of age and agreement to terms and conditions
  • 3. User name, password, gender identity (male/female)
  • 4. Personal information such as location, interests etc
  • 5. Option to upload a profile picture or avatar image
  • 6. Ability to search for potential matches based on criteria such as age range, distance from user’s current location etc 7 .Option to block unwanted users or report inappropriate behavior 8 .Ability for members to communicate with each other through messaging system

Design and Usability of

The app has a sleek and modern design, with colors that are easy on the eyes. The dark blue background is offset by white text for readability, while subtle shades of grey help to highlight important elements like buttons or menus. Overall it’s an attractive and well-designed interface that makes navigation simple and straightforward.

Finding profiles of other people is also very intuitive – users can search through different categories such as age range or location in order to find potential matches quickly and easily. Additionally, there are various filters available which allow you to further refine your results according to specific criteria such as interests or physical attributes if desired.

When it comes to usability, the app provides a smooth experience overall; all features are clearly labelled so they can be accessed without any confusion whatsoever even for first time users who may not have much technical knowledge about apps in general . Furthermore , when purchasing a paid subscription there will be additional UI improvements including more detailed profile pages with better sorting options allowing easier access than before .

User Profile Quality

The user profiles on are public, meaning anyone can view them without having to sign up for an account. You have the option of setting a custom bio in your profile and there is no “friends” feature or anything similar available. Privacy settings allow users to control who sees their profile and what information they share with other members; however, there is no Google or Facebook sign-in feature which could potentially increase security risks from fake accounts infiltrating the site. Location info in profiles does not reveal exact city names but it does indicate how far away another member may be located from you – this helps users find potential matches nearby if desired although location info can also be hidden completely by opting out of revealing that information when creating a new account . Premium subscription benefits include more visibility for your profile as well as access to additional features such as private messaging options between members that would otherwise remain unavailable without subscribing first

Website is a popular dating website that has been around for several years and provides users with the opportunity to find someone special in their area or even across the world. The site offers an easy-to-use interface, allowing members to search through profiles quickly and easily while also providing helpful tools such as chat rooms, forums, video calls and more. One of its main advantages is that it allows people from different backgrounds to connect with each other without having any geographical boundaries between them; this makes it easier for those who are looking for long distance relationships or international partners. Additionally, Affairdating’s privacy policy ensures user data remains safe at all times by encrypting personal information before storing it on secure servers located offsite from where they can access only authorized personnel have access too .

The app version of Affairdating works similarly but does not require a desktop computer – instead you simply need your smartphone or tablet device in order to use the service which makes finding potential matches much quicker than if using just a web browser alone due its mobile friendly design layout.. Furthermore ,the app comes equipped with push notifications so users will be alerted when there’s activity related directly towards them whether its messages sent via private chats , likes given out etc… A disadvantage however would be since some features may not work properly on certain devices depending upon how up-to date their operating system might be compared against what’s needed in order run everything smoothly thus potentially causing compatibility issues here & there

Safety & Security is committed to providing a secure online dating experience for its users. To ensure that the platform remains safe and free from bots, fake accounts, and malicious actors, has implemented several security measures such as user verification methods like email or phone number authentication; manual photo review by moderators; two-factor authentication (2FA) which requires an additional code sent via SMS or generated through an authenticator app when logging in from a new device; IP address blocking of suspicious sources; SSL encryption for data protection during transmission over networks etc.,

When it comes to privacy policy at , all personal information provided by members are kept confidential with strict adherence to GDPR guidelines and other applicable laws related to data protection & privacy . The website also allows users complete control over their account settings so they can choose what kind of information they want others on the site see about them while using the service . Moreover , any changes made regarding profile details will be reflected across all platforms where this service is available

Pricing and Benefits Paid Subscription is a website for people who are looking to have an affair outside of their relationship or marriage, and it offers both free and paid subscriptions. The question remains: do users really need a paid subscription on the site?

Benefits of Getting A Paid Subscription

  • Access to all features such as messaging other members, viewing member profiles, sending winks/flirts etc * Priority customer service support from the team at * Ad-free browsing experience * Get highlighted in search results with your profile picture shown first

Prices & Competitiveness

The prices vary depending on how long you subscribe for; 1 month costs $29 per month while 3 months cost $19 per month and 6 months cost only $15 per month – making them competitively priced compared to similar sites offering this type of service .

Cancellation Process & Refunds

If you decide that you no longer want access to the services offered by Affairdating then cancelling your account is easy; simply go into ‘My Account’ settings where there will be an option labelled ‘Cancel My Membership’ which can be clicked on in order cancel membership immediately without any hassle or fuss involved . As far as refunds go , unfortunately they cannot offer these due to legal reasons but if customers contact their customer care team they may be able provide some form assistance should it arise .

Conclusion In conclusion , whether someone needs a paid subscription depends entirely upon what they are looking for out of using this particular website ; those who just wish browse around casually could get away with having just a free account whereas those wanting full access would benefit greatly from getting one – especially considering how affordable it actually is!

Help & Support is a website that provides users with access to discreet dating services and offers an array of features for those seeking extra-marital relationships. The site has put in place several measures to ensure its members have the best possible experience while using their service, including providing support when needed.

The first way you can get help on is by visiting their ‘Help’ page which contains frequently asked questions (FAQs) as well as contact information if further assistance is required such as email addresses or phone numbers where customer service representatives are available during business hours Monday through Friday from 9am – 5pm EST/EDT time zone depending on your location within North America or Europe respectively . Response times vary but typically range between 24-48 hours after submitting a request via email or leaving a voicemail message at one of the provided telephone numbers .

Another option for getting quick answers to commonly asked questions about how Affairdating works would be by searching through user forums hosted directly on the website itself , allowing users who may have similar issues to discuss them openly amongst each other and find solutions more quickly than waiting for response from customer service personnel . This also allows experienced members who already know how things work around here provide helpful advice and tips so newcomers can make most out of this platform without having wait too long before receiving feedback from official sources .


1. Is safe? is not a safe website to use, as it does not provide any security measures or guarantees of safety for its users. The site has been known to be used by scammers and fraudsters who are looking to take advantage of unsuspecting people seeking affairs online. Additionally, the site does not have an adequate privacy policy in place that would protect user data from being shared with third parties without their consent. Furthermore, there have been reports of fake profiles on which could lead users into dangerous situations if they were unaware that the person they had connected with was actually someone else posing as them online in order to scam them out of money or other personal information such as credit card numbers and passwords etc.. For these reasons it is recommended that you stay away from this particular dating website altogether and opt for more reputable alternatives instead when searching for potential partners outside your relationship

2. Is a real dating site with real users? is a real dating site with real users, although it should be noted that the website’s primary purpose is to facilitate extra-marital affairs and not traditional relationships. The website has been around since 2008 and boasts millions of members worldwide, so there are certainly plenty of people who have signed up for this service in order to find someone they can connect with outside their current relationship or marriage. While many users on may indeed be looking for an affair partner, others may simply want companionship without any strings attached – which could make it suitable as a legitimate dating site too depending on what you’re looking for from your online experience.

3. How to use app? is an online dating app that allows users to find and connect with people who are looking for discreet relationships outside of their current relationship. To use the app, first you will need to create a profile by entering your email address, selecting a username and password, and providing some basic information about yourself such as age, gender preference(s), location etc. Once your account has been created you can start searching for potential matches in the database using various filters like interests or physical characteristics; once you have found someone interesting simply send them a message introducing yourself! You can also browse through other members’ profiles if they have made them publically available so that you can get an idea of what kind of person they are before deciding whether or not to contact them directly via private messaging within the site itself – this way both parties remain anonymous until either one decides it is time reveal more personal details (if desired). With its easy-to-use interface and secure environment provided by Affairdating’s team of experts – finding someone special on this platform should be no problem at all!

4. Is free? is not free to use. The website requires users to purchase a subscription in order to access the full range of features and services offered on the site, such as messaging other members or viewing their profiles. However, Affairdating does offer some limited features for non-paying members which allow them to search through member profiles and send winks or messages expressing interest before they decide whether or not they want to upgrade their membership status by purchasing a subscription plan.

5. Is working and can you find someone there? is a website that offers people the opportunity to find someone for an extramarital affair or casual encounter. The site has been around since 2010 and appears to be quite popular, with thousands of members joining each month from all over the world. It claims to have millions of users worldwide, so it’s likely you can find someone there if you’re looking for an affair or casual encounter. However, as with any online dating service, success depends on how active its user base is in your area and whether they meet your criteria for a potential partner. As such, it may take some time before you are able to connect with somebody who meets your needs and desires through


In conclusion, is a great platform for those looking to find partners for dating and other types of relationships outside their marriage or long-term relationship. The app has an easy-to-use design that makes it convenient to use on the go, while its safety and security features ensure users can remain anonymous when searching for potential matches. Additionally, help and support are available if needed in order to resolve any issues with using the service quickly and efficiently. Finally, user profiles are detailed enough so that you can get a good idea of who someone is before deciding whether they’re right for you or not – overall making this one of the better apps out there today when it comes to finding affairs online!

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