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PolyamoryDate 2023 Review: A Unique Dating Opportunity Or Just A Scam?


PolyamoryDate is an online dating platform designed for people who practice polyamory, which is the belief that it’s possible to have multiple romantic relationships at once. The app was launched in 2019 and has quickly become one of the most popular platforms for those looking to explore their options when it comes to love and relationships. It’s owned by a company called PolyMatchMaker LLC, with offices located in both Canada and Australia.

The target audience on this app are singles or couples interested in open-minded non-monogamous connections like swingers, triads (threesomes), quads (foursomes) as well as poly networks – all within a safe environment where users can express themselves freely without judgement or fear of being misunderstood. PolyamoryDate also offers its members access to forums dedicated exclusively for discussing topics related specifically to alternative lifestyles such as ethical non-monogamy, kink/BDSM lifestyle practices etc., providing support groups along with helpful resources from experts on these matters..

Currently there are over 1 million active users registered on the site worldwide making it one of the largest communities devoted solely towards exploring alternative relationship styles outside traditional monogamy; particularly since other mainstream apps do not offer this type of service so openly nor provide any sort of guidance around them either – something which makes PolyamoryDate stand out even more amongst its competitors!

Is accessing this website free? Yes absolutely! You don’t need any kind payment information whatsoever just simply sign up using your email address & you’re good go start browsing through profiles right away! Plus if you want added convenience then downloading their mobile application would be ideal too; available now via Google Play Store & Apple App Store respectively – giving easy access anytime anywhere whenever needed!.

To register yourself onto Polymormydate takes no time at all really: firstly create your profile page by filling out some basic details about yourself including age gender interests hobbies etc.; secondly add photos/videos showcasing what makes unique interesting plus whatever else think potential partners might find attractive about you ; lastly write few lines introducing yourself why should someone choose connect . After completing above steps will officially join community soon begin searching compatible matches based own preferences , needs desires course location area live currently reside !

How Does PolyamoryDate Work?

The PolyamoryDate app is a revolutionary way to find love and relationships in the modern world. It allows users from all over the globe to connect with each other, regardless of their relationship status or sexual orientation. The key features of this innovative dating platform include an intuitive search engine that helps you quickly locate potential partners based on your criteria; detailed profiles for each user which provide information about their interests, lifestyle preferences and more; secure messaging capabilities so that you can communicate safely with others without having to worry about privacy concerns; as well as various tools designed specifically for polyamorous couples such as group chats, shared calendars and private photo albums.

In terms of finding profiles on the app, it’s easy – simply enter some basic details into the search engine (such as age range or location) then hit ‘search’! You will be presented with a list of compatible matches who meet your requirements – giving you plenty options when looking for someone special! There are many different types of users available through PolyamoryDate including singles seeking open relationships/marriage/friendships etc., people already in committed partnerships but wanting additional companionship outside these bonds plus those interested in non-monogamous arrangements like triads or quads too! Currently there are thousands upon thousands registered members across five countries: USA , Canada , UK , Australia & New Zealand .

For added security measures within conversations between two individuals via chat rooms provided by Polyamroydate – both parties must agree before any contact details may be exchanged ensuring everyone’s safety at all times. Furthermore if one person decides they no longer wish to pursue communication further after exchanging messages they have complete control over blocking another user from being able view their profile again along side reporting any suspicious behaviour observed while using site services should it arise..

Polyarmoydate also provides its members access exclusive events taking place throughout year where fellow community come together celebrate diversity form new connections organically away virtual space social media platforms alone offer… Alongside hosting online discussion forums enable share stories experiences discuss topics related lifestyles ranging general advice health wellbeing financial tips travel ideas much more .. Plus help articles FAQ page readily available anyone needing assistance navigating around website better understanding how works best them get most out membership package …

Finally make sure take advantage comprehensive verification process implemented ensure only genuine real accounts exist network protect against fake scammers malicious intent … Through completing simple steps verifying email address uploading valid government issued ID document picture yourself holding sign up date become verified member stand chance meeting perfect match faster easier than ever thought possible !

  • 1.Advanced search filters to find potential partners with similar interests and relationship goals.
  • 2. Private messaging system for secure communication between members.
  • 3. Comprehensive profile pages that allow users to share information about themselves, their relationships, and what they’re looking for in a partner or group dynamic.
  • 4 .Events calendar featuring polyamory-related events from around the world as well as local meetups hosted by PolyamoryDate members in your area..
  • 5 .Group chat rooms where you can connect with other like-minded individuals who are interested in exploring polyamorous relationships of all kinds..
  • 6 .Compatibility quizzes that help match you up with compatible partners based on personality traits and values

Registration – How Easy Is It?

The registration process on the PolyamoryDate app is simple and straightforward. To begin, users must provide basic information such as their gender identity, sexual orientation, age (minimum 18 years old), location and email address. After submitting these details they will be asked to create a username and password which will be used for logging in later. The next step involves filling out an optional questionnaire that provides more detailed information about the user’s interests so that potential matches can better understand them before messaging or meeting up with them in person. Once all of this has been completed successfully, users are ready to start searching for compatible partners who share similar values or interests as themselves! It’s free to register on PolyamoryDate but there may be additional fees associated with certain features like premium memberships or messaging services depending on what you’re looking for from your experience using the app.

  • 1.Create a username and password
  • 2. Provide valid email address
  • 3. Enter date of birth to verify age (must be 18 or older)
  • 4. Agree to the terms & conditions, privacy policy, and code of conduct
  • 5. Select gender identity/expression preference(s) for self and partner(s)
  • 6. Indicate relationship status (single, married/attached etc.) 7 .Provide information about interests & lifestyle preferences 8 .Upload profile photo

Design and Usability of PolyamoryDate

The PolyamoryDate app has a modern design with bright colors that make it attractive and inviting. The layout is easy to navigate, allowing users to quickly find profiles of other people they may be interested in connecting with. Usability wise, the app is straightforward and intuitive; you can easily search for members based on their location or interests without any difficulty. Additionally, if you purchase a paid subscription there are some UI improvements such as more detailed profile information and additional filters when searching for matches.

User Profile Quality

Paragraph 1: PolyamoryDate offers users the ability to create detailed profiles that are public and viewable by all other members. Users can set a custom bio, add pictures, indicate their interests and preferences in terms of relationships. There is also a “friends” feature which allows you to connect with other users on the platform. Privacy settings are available for each user so they can control who sees what information about them as well as limit contact from certain people if desired.

Paragraph 2: Signing up for an account on PolyamoryDate does not require linking your Google or Facebook accounts; however it does ask for location info such as city/state when creating your profile page which cannot be hidden unless you upgrade to premium subscription status where this option becomes available along with many more features like unlimited messaging capabilities and advanced search filters etc.. Fake accounts have been reported but there is no indication of how often these occur since most verification processes take place manually behind-the-scenes rather than automatically via technology tools like facial recognition software etc..

Paragraph 3: Location info within profiles reveals only general areas (city/state) instead of exact addresses making it difficult to determine distance between two potential matches without using third party services or applications outside the site itself though this may change over time depending upon advancements in technology used by developers at PolyamoryDate . Benefits offered through premium subscriptions include access privacy options previously mentioned plus additional ones including hiding age range & gender preference fields among others giving those subscribed extra security while browsing around looking for love!


PolyamoryDate is a dating website that caters to those who practice polyamory and are looking for meaningful relationships. The site offers an array of features, including private messaging, group chats, profile creation tools and matchmaking services. Users can search through thousands of profiles based on their interests or preferences in order to find potential partners with whom they share common values or lifestyles. Additionally, the platform allows users to connect via video chat so that they can get a better understanding of each other before deciding whether or not they want to pursue further communication offline. One major advantage offered by PolyamoryDate is its focus on safety; all members must verify their identity prior to using the service which helps ensure only genuine people use it for legitimate purposes such as finding love rather than engaging in malicious activities like trolling others online. A disadvantage however could be the cost associated with some premium features such as unlimited accesses certain areas within the site; this may deter some from signing up if budgeting constraints become an issue due them wanting more out of what’s available without having pay extra money for additional benefits .

At present there isn’t any dedicated app developed specifically designed around Polymorydate’s mission statement but users do have mobile access via web browsers where most functionalities remain intact regardless if accessed from desktop computers/laptops compared when accessing it through smartphones/tablets devices although limited performance wise since many functions aren’t optimized yet plus slower loading times might occur at times too depending upon user’s internet connection speeds etc.. As far why no actual app has been released thus far remains unknown but speculation suggests development teams behind this project lack resources needed (financial & technical) hence delaying plans until future dates whenever feasible solutions arise allowing them launch official apps either iOS / Android platforms respectively once ready after undergoing rigorous testing phases etc…

Safety & Security

PolyamoryDate is committed to providing a secure and safe environment for its users. The app has implemented several security measures in order to protect the privacy of its members, as well as fight against bots and fake accounts. All new user profiles are verified through an email verification process before they can access the platform. Furthermore, PolyamoryDate also requires all profile photos to be manually reviewed by their team before being approved on the site – this helps ensure that only genuine people are using it. Additionally, two-factor authentication is available which adds another layer of protection when logging into your account from any device or location; this ensures that no one else will have access even if someone knows your password or username details. In terms of privacy policy, PolyamoryDate takes data protection seriously and complies with applicable laws such as GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation). It does not share personal information with third parties without explicit consent from users except where required by law enforcement agencies or other legal processes .The website’s Privacy Policy outlines how it collects , stores , uses & shares data collected from visitors & registered members . This includes but isn’t limited to contact info like name/email address/phone number etc., payment related info including credit card numbers etc., usage patterns & preferences based on activity within our services among others

Pricing and Benefits

PolyamoryDate is an app that allows users to find and connect with other polyamorous individuals. The app offers a free version, but also has a paid subscription option for those who want more features.

The basic free version of PolyamoryDate provides access to the core features of the platform such as creating profiles, searching for matches, messaging other members and attending events hosted by PolyamoryDate. However, if you opt in for the premium membership you will get additional benefits like unlimited messages per day instead of 10 messages/day on the free plan; priority customer support; ability to see who viewed your profile or liked it; advanced search filters etc.. Prices range from $19.99/month up to $49.99/year depending on how long term commitment one wants make – monthly or yearly plans are available respectively at this time (2020). Compared with similar services these prices are quite competitive which makes them attractive even when compared against larger dating sites that offer many more features than just catering specifically towards poly-friendly singles community – so overall good value proposition here!

In case someone decides they no longer need their account they can easily cancel it through their settings page within few clicks without any hassle – however please note there’s no refund policy offered currently due refunds only apply under certain conditions according legal terms & agreements provided upon signing up .

So do people really need a paid subscription? It depends mostly what kind user experience one expects out from using this service: if casual flirting is enough then probably not worth spending money here since all necessary tools exist already in form of basic plan… But if looking something deeper beyond chatting online then maybe yes investing into higher tier would be beneficial given extra perks included such as improved visibility & better communication options plus peace mind knowing customer care team always ready help should anything go wrong during usage process !

Help & Support

PolyamoryDate provides a variety of support options for its members.

The first option is the website’s FAQ page, which contains answers to many commonly asked questions about PolyamoryDate and how it works. This can be accessed by clicking on “Help & Support” at the bottom of any page within the site. The FAQ section covers topics such as account setup, profile creation, messaging other users and more; so if you have an issue or question that isn’t covered in this section then you may need to contact customer service directly via email or phone call.

If your query requires direct assistance from one of our representatives then please feel free to get in touch with us through either our toll-free telephone number (available 24/7) or via email (response time usually within 48 hours). We are always happy to help answer any queries related specifically with PolyamoryDate usage and we will do everything possible to ensure that all inquiries are answered promptly and accurately!

Finally, there is also a community forum where users can ask questions about their experiences using Polyamorydate – here they will find helpful advice from fellow poly people who understand what it’s like navigating relationships outside traditional monogamy models! Response times vary depending on when someone responds but generally speaking most posts receive some kind of response relatively quickly due to high levels activity across the platform overall – so don’t hesitate reach out if you’re looking for additional guidance regarding anything related dating while being poly!


1. Is PolyamoryDate safe?

Yes, PolyamoryDate is a safe website. It has several measures in place to ensure that its members have a secure and enjoyable experience while using the site. All personal information submitted by users is kept confidential and never shared with third parties or used for any other purpose than providing services on the website. The platform also uses SSL encryption technology to protect all data transmissions from unauthorized access, as well as regularly monitoring user activity for suspicious behavior or malicious intent. Additionally, it provides an extensive list of safety tips that can help keep you protected when interacting with others online such as not sharing your address or financial details until you feel comfortable doing so after getting to know someone better through conversations over time.

2. Is PolyamoryDate a real dating site with real users?

Yes, PolyamoryDate is a real dating site with real users. It has been in operation since 2001 and offers an online community for people who are interested in polyamorous relationships. The website provides its members with the opportunity to meet other like-minded individuals through chat rooms, forums, blogs and instant messaging services. Members can also use the search function to find potential partners based on their interests or location. With over 200 thousand registered users from all around the world, it’s one of the largest polyamorous dating sites available today.

3. How to use PolyamoryDate app?

Using the PolyamoryDate app is easy and straightforward. First, you will need to create an account with your email address or Facebook login credentials. Once that’s done, you can start exploring the features of this dating platform. You can search for other users based on their age range, gender identity, location and interests by using filters in the “Search” tab located at the top right corner of your screen. If someone catches your eye then feel free to send them a message through chat or video call if they have enabled it as well! You also have access to various groups such as poly-friendly events where members post about upcoming meetups so that others may join in too! Additionally there are forums available which provide great advice from experienced polyamorous people who share tips on how best navigate relationships within this lifestyle – all these options make it easier than ever before for those interested in exploring non-monogamous connections find like minded individuals online without having any awkward conversations face-to-face first!

4. Is PolyamoryDate free?

PolyamoryDate is not a free service. It offers several different subscription plans to choose from, ranging in price and features. With the basic plan, users can create an account and browse other profiles for free; however, they will need to upgrade their membership if they want access to messaging or live chat capabilities with other members on the site. The premium plans offer more advanced features such as video calls, group chats and private photo albums which allow you greater control over who sees your profile photos. All of these options are available at varying prices depending on how long you would like your subscription term to be – monthly or yearly subscriptions are both offered by PolyamoryDate so that users can find a plan that fits within their budget while still enjoying all of its benefits!

5. Is PolyamoryDate working and can you find someone there?

Yes, PolyamoryDate is working and it is possible to find someone there. The website has a large user base with thousands of members from all over the world looking for polyamorous relationships. It also offers many features such as private messaging, chat rooms, photo galleries and more that make finding potential partners easier than ever before. You can search by location or interests to narrow down your options even further so you can find exactly what you’re looking for in a partner. With its easy-to-use interface and friendly community atmosphere, PolyamoryDate makes it simple to meet likeminded people who are interested in exploring polyamorous relationships without any judgment or stigma attached


In conclusion, PolyamoryDate is a great dating app for those looking to explore polyamorous relationships. It offers an easy-to-use platform with excellent design and usability features that make it simple to find potential partners. The safety and security of the site are top notch, as all users must be verified before they can join the community. Additionally, help and support from customer service representatives is available 24/7 in case any issues arise during use of the app. Finally, user profiles on PolyamoryDate are detailed enough so you can get a good idea about someone’s interests before messaging them or meeting up in person – which makes finding compatible partners much easier! All things considered, this app has everything one could need when searching for love online; thus making it highly recommended by us here at [Name].

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